I moved to China!

Hey there, Long time, no post. A little has changed, I am writing this from my bed, in the 2-bed flat I live in, on the 26th floor of a building, just outside… Continue reading

Vegan Sun-dried Tomato and Thyme Pesto

Hey there, Today I got up early to try my first ever attempt to make some vegan hot cross buns, sadly they turned out absolutely awful, I was adapting from a non-vegan white-flour… Continue reading

Passenger – Busking Style

Hey there, One of the ways I think about my traveling trip is through the soundtrack I had playing each leg of the way, and consistently through my whole trip were various Passenger… Continue reading

A day at Cromer.

Hey there, Back in the summer, when I was thinking about how much I was looking forward to winter and being able to get snuggled into thick jumpers and light the fire in… Continue reading

My brother’s 25th birthday cake, (it’s VEGAN!) and general updates.

WOW! It has been so so long since I blogged on here. Lots has been happening that has filled my time up to the very brim, often overflowing into sleep time too! Most… Continue reading

How can I be a ‘good’ vegan? HELP!

Relatively new to veganism I’m still so happy I made the transition from being a vegetarian back in September. I feel better than ever and find joy knowing I have reduced the harm… Continue reading

Black Bean and Red Pepper Vegan Burgers

Hey there, This recipe has had many variations, I decided a few weeks ago I wanted to create my ‘perfect’ vegan burger, and after lots and lots of experimenting I am finally happy… Continue reading

Vegan Beauty Haul – LUSH, GOSH and This One.

Hey there, I’ll start by defending myself and my purse and point out I didn’t buy all these goodies in one big shop, I have bought them over the last couple of months.… Continue reading

Banana, Coconut Milk and Chia Seed Smoothie

Hey there, I was feeling a bit ‘meh’ today and had no appetite for lunch, but knew if I didn’t eat anything I was just going to feel worse so I mooched downstairs… Continue reading

Vegan Rocky Roads

Hey there, Marshmallows have been the bane of my life for quite some time now. Aged 7 I accidentally ate one at school not realising they were not vegetarian, and I loved it.… Continue reading