Hello World!

I have been trying to decide what is a good first photo to use as my first post, as I feel the momentous occasion should be marked!

My immediate thought was the first photo I ever took, although that would omit all the photos I took as a child as I no longer have those. Maybe my first photo I took at uni’? However I always used film for my first 2 years, and I haven’t got digital copies of the majority of that work.

Therefore, I am going to start how I hope not to continue, but probably will from time to time, and use someone else’s photograph.

Steve McCurry’s ‘Portraits’ book, was one the first I ever looked through in Ashburne Library. (the library at Sunderland University dedicated to Art and Photography, which is, sadly, no-more!) It inspired me to take the photographs which resulted in me changing to a full-time photography degree, so it is rather apt to starting a photography blog. McCurry’s work has also fuelled my desire to travel, which will hopefully move from dream to reality in the not-too-distant future.

My precious Macbook Pro is currently straining under the weight of activity I’m forcing it through, transferring 20GB of photos from camera to harddrive, so original photos shortly!