8 months, 3 countries, 21 beds.

I would start with an enthusiastic ‘I’M BACK’, but I have been for nearly 2 months, so I think the moment has passed.

In short, I went traveling and it was awesome! I spent November – July in Ecuador, the USA and Canada and I loved every last second. I am wearing really thick rose-tinted glasses right now, but even when they are off I felt like the luckiest girl in the world for enough times during those 8 months to know it was a success.

Over my last few weeks in Canada, when the feelings of nostalgia had set in and I would reread my travel journal, I realised a few things. Firstly was how awful my writing was at the beginning of trip, honestly, it reads like a 13year old diary. And the second, how much I started to love writing as I went along. Not only in my journal, but letters and emails back to friends and family. A couple of potentially devastating situations became ‘good stories’ rather than something to worry about, who wouldn’t want to hear about the time I got deported as I tried to enter Canada? (they did let me in eventually!). But the conclusion I drew was I wanted to keep writing, and evolving my current, 3-post blog, from a photography blog to a writing blog became the plan.

Since I’ve been back, the plan remained a plan and nothing else. I have 5 draft posts half finished, but nothing was actually published. Partly, because I didn’t know where to start, and every time I started to write a post I felt like I was eliminating options, rather than making decisions, and partly because I got offered a job within 48hours of being home, which was meant to be 1 day painting, and turned into 2 months, which was invaluable money to a very broke ex-traveller, but it all slowed me down getting to this point.

I will be writing about my past travels, and any future travels that might happen (please happen, please happen, please happen!!), my opinions on anything that gets me riled up enough to sit down and write about it, and some vegan cooking I do in-between it all. Oh.. and posting pictures of it all, as I do still love photography!!

Just to prove my point, here's an Ecuadorian sunrise!

Just to prove my point, here’s an Ecuadorian sunrise!