I just found my new favourite youtuber.

Hey there.

I don’t know if you have needed to procrastinate long enough to find these yet, but believe me, you will be pleased I told you. I might be a bit late to the party but I resonantly discovered ‘youtubers’, which is a term used to describe people who post videos on youtube, which I obviously knew happened, but some are so popular they make it their job – mind. blown.

First, I found SprinkleofGlitter and then her best friend Zoella, and then all the friends that they tour with (you can go to meet-ups where people wait for hours to meet their favourite youtubers and stuff, it is all quite exciting). I have watched beauty tutorials online many times before and I like getting tips and tricks to make myself look better than I actually do but the youtubers I follow often do ‘hauls’ too where they recommend products for you to use etc, which is great, except nearly all the products are from non-vegan companies. Mac crops up the most, and almost all brands available in my local Superdrug (Maybelline, MaxFactor, the dreaded L’Oreal etc) are non-vegan,  so I couldn’t take their recommendations and this made me sad.

All-hail Lexcanroar. I will link her youtube channel HERE and her beauty youtube HERE and her twitter HERE.
Louise from SprinkleofGlitter liked one of her videos today and it was about animal testing, so of course I checked it out, and it was so on-point. She had strong arguments, made them quickly and eloquently, and judging from the comments I read she has convinced a lot of people to step away from the L’Oreal and towards the GOSH. I have since stalked her a little, and found out she is vegan, and she does beauty videos using cruelty-free products.

So, if you too like to watch a cheeky youtube video on a chilly autumn evening, please check her out as I think you’ll really like her videos. She also loves Harry Potter and has a Gryffindor jumper, incase that swings it for you.

And incase I hadn’t linked enough – her ‘Animal Testing 101’ video is linked HERE too.