Yummy Vegan Chilli

Hey there.

I just finished eating a very yummy and very filling dinner with my family. I used the recipe from Oh She Glows (maybe my  favourite vegan blog – definitely worth bookmarking) –  Delicious Vegan Chilli. It was absolutely perfect on a cold autumn evening.


Black beans are really hard to find locally here so I substituted in my own selection of beans. I did go a bit bean-crazy but now there is loads of leftovers for people to take to work tomorrow, so it worked out well.


I also added fresh mushrooms rather than from a tin and a toned down the chilli powder a little as the one I have is really hot and I knew there were lots of other spices going in there.


It is a super easy recipe which is perfect for those days you really don’t have the energy to, or are unable to follow more complicated instructions. (I just realised I missed out the cocoa powder, so clearly I’m having one of those days!) And the colours of all the vegetables cooking looks really pretty.


I really like the use of the ‘secret ingredient’ chai seeds, used to thicken the mixture, not only work brilliantly here but are a really healthy alternative to other ‘thickeners’, I will definitely be using this in other recipes soon.


I’d love to know if any of you tried it and how you got on. Today I served it with a jacket potato, small side salad and a sprinkle of Cheezly on top. How did you eat yours?