Beauty Without Cruelty Makeup Haul Review

On Wednesday I found another new website that sold strictly cruelty free beauty products, and decided to try some new products and write a review to help other people find great cruelty-free beauty products (it was also a great excuse to buy some new makeup!). The website is Beauty Without Cruelty and not only are 100% of their products not tested on animals, they are also all vegan, I absolutely love brands that are solely vegan as I can explore the whole website without cross-checking a list, only to find the primer I just convinced myself I really do need is not vegan.

I ordered the Waterproof Mascara in black as I have quite fine eyelashes and so I avoid all ‘volume’ mascaras as they tend to clump really easily and the waterproof mascara had the magic word ‘definition’.


I intended to stop there, but I realised a new powder would improve my life, so after much deliberation I settled for the ‘Ultra-Fine Loose Powder in Fair Translucent’  and then, because my eyes are far bigger than my wallet I decided to make my life absolutely perfect I would also order the ‘Duo Pressed Mineral Blusher in Sweet Apricot’ (and to be fair the name alone sells this product – sweet apricots mmm!). I got the second 2 products in a gift set which meant I got a mineral brush included for free thanks to a very promising deal.
This photo took longer than I can to admit so I just had to include it! As you can see the gift set was called the ‘Natural Finish Collection – Sweet Apricot’ Everything is wrapped up and packaged so pretty. The swan-head hearts are just going to make me smile every time I use these I know.

Okay, so first the powder. The tub is much larger than I imagined, so it will definitely last a long time as I barely needed any for good coverage, and for only £5.95 it is much cheaper than the high-street alternatives I’ve had in the past. I used my own brush rather than the puff provided and it set my makeup really nicely and I thought it worked extra well covering the pores on my cheeks, where other products have collected in them this seemed to actually minimise them.


It is also completely matte which I really like from powders, I prefer to add highlighter to a few areas and leave the rest of my face more toned down for everyday looks. The packaging wasn’t as nice as the other products but the powder itself was really good and although I haven’t done anything too crazy since I applied it, it has stayed on really well.

The duo-blusher includes 2 really subtle but girly colours which I adore. The pigment is perfect for me too as it transfers to my face really well but it starts subtle and is easy to build up so I don’t leave the house looking like a clown because I forgot to knock the excess off my brush.


Today I used the darker shade as a blush which was less pinky than my previous blusher and I really like the more natural look I achieved using it. I used the paler shade as a subtle highlighter on my cheekbones which I also really liked but I think swirling the two will also create a really lovely shade to use on cheeks too. As you can see the pot also comes with a really good-sized mirror for touching up on the go.

Finally the mascara. When I opened it I was a bit worried as the product looked a bit thicker than I was used to and sat quite heavy on the brush so I was convinced it would clump on my lashes and I do find a lot of mascaras I have bought in the past do clump for the first few uses until they dry out a little so I wasn’t overly excited to try it. The applicator is a twisted shape which I don’t think my photo does justice to, but when I came to apply it I found it really useful.


Luckily, despite my reservations the mascara didn’t clump at all when I put it on and it covered really well with great pigment and a lovely deep black and I am really fussy with my mascara so this means a lot coming from me.


In the photo I curled my lashes before I applied any mascara, as they are completely straight normally, and then added 1 coat of mascara, waited for it to dry and added another as I wanted to experiment with a thicker look before I wrote the review.


As you can see it didn’t clump at all and the bottom lashes are covered well too. The only downside I have noticed is a few flecks of black have fallen off around my eyes as the day has gone on, but I do always find this with waterproof mascara and it isn’t enough to make me like this product any less. I really couldn’t recommend all three products more highly.
Have you  bought anything from Beauty Without Cruelty or any other solely-vegan brands which you can recommend? I am still looking out for a perfect vegan primer and liquid eyeliner, any recommendations?