Vegan Beauty Haul – LUSH, GOSH and This One.

Hey there,

I’ll start by defending myself and my purse and point out I didn’t buy all these goodies in one big shop, I have bought them over the last couple of months. As soon as I went vegan at the beginning of September I have been looking at vegan-ising my beauty products, I tried my first Beauty Without Cruelty products a couple of weeks ago, I reviewed them here, and here are some other vegan products I’ve tried out.


As you can see I have lots of lovely items to share, first I want to show you the ‘studio’ I set up in the conservatory this afternoon, using the ‘to-iron’ pile, hence the slightly creased back drop I made from my I heart NY top. 🙂


I’ll start with the ‘This One: Is For When The Heat Is On – Blow Dry Spray’, I love pretty much everything Superdrug, not least because they went cruelty-free way before any laws told them they had to. For years their own-brand products have all been non-animal tested and many of them vegan too, so no matter what I’m buying I always try and support Superdrug rather than Boots (whose ethics were at the other end of the scale). ‘This One:’ is one of their new ranges of haircare products, with shampoo, conditioner and a variety of styling products.

I absolutely love this product from the minute I saw it, the packaging is gorgeous, I love the chunky design of the lid and of course the purple bottle, which is the same with all the products in this range. The heat spray is the only product I bought, although I am dying to try the intense conditioner it has always been out-of-stock when I have been in, if you’ve tried it how is it?

As a heat protection spray this is one of the best I have used. Unlike others which can weigh hair down and leave it feeling slightly sticky (especially on fine hair like mine) this doesn’t do that at all, it also gives hair a bit more body and texture – but nothing OTT which can’t be worn for any casual occasion. I use a oil in my hair after every wash  asit is really prone to drying out, but I haven’t found this to make my hair drier than normal either. As a little extra bonus it does smell rather lovely too.


I do love when brands label products vegan – it makes my life so much easier and results in impromptu purchases, not all the ‘This One’ products are vegan, all are vegetarian and they are all labeled but do check them if you are looking for vegan-only products. All the This One brand is half price in Superdrug at the moment, I don’t know how long the deal is running but that means less than £2 an item – so run!


LUSH ‘No Drought’ Dry Shampoo. Lush Store, £6.75.

The only other non-makeup product is LUSH’s fabulous ‘No Drought – Dry Shampoo’. This is my favourite product I am reviewing, and one of my favourite beauty items ever – I love it! I had read so many fantastic reviews before I tried this myself, and so I have no excuse for why I took so long to try it but I am definitely hooked. Unlike Batiste and other popular brands lush have taken the environmentally-friendly route and not used an aerosol. No Drought smells amazing, a very subtle citrusy scent which just smells fresh and natural and it doesn’t leave any grey marks in your hair. It is under £7 for this 115g bottle and lasts forever. I have used this 3/4 times a week on my full head for a month and it still looks full so you get much more for your money than the aerosol alternatives. I have found it really easy to use too, the shop assistant recommended putting it on my brush before I brushed my hair, and this does work but I usually sprinkle it straight into my hair or into my hand rub it straight in.


To summarise: super easy to use, smells lovely, very good at its job with bonus points for being vegan and eco-friendly too. GO LUSH!

Back to Superdrug and their GOSH makeup. Originally sold in Denmark it is now one of the higher-end  Superdrug brand makeup lines. I have emailed them for a full list of their vegan products, so I should be posting that asap but I found a slightly older list online so checked all the products I bought were vegan-friendly – they are all vegetarian and not tested on animals.
I’m usually a BB cream/tinted moisturiser girl but wanted to replace my very old non-vegan heavy-wear foundation. I wore it today to try it out, and found it quite hard to apply. I had moisturised my skin loads before which is probably why it went a bit gloopy – where patches clumped together and flaked. It wasn’t too noticeable and I managed to blend it in the end but I think it needs a primer beforehand, or a bare face with no moisturiser. The coverage on the other areas was good and it stayed on well all day, I mixed this with a little of my LUSH Light Yellow Colour Supplement as it was a little pinky for my skin tone.

Another GOSH product, the CC Cream – Illuminating Foundation. I’m not actually sure what a CC cream is, I guess it’s similar to BB cream? Regardless, this is a great light-coverage foundation, especially for anyone else who suffers from dry skin. It is really moisturising, not at all greasy and gives a lovely silky texture to skin. It lasts pretty well throughout the day and has a nice thin nozzle so it is hard to spill and easy to put onto any applicator, I think this will become a favourite in my makeup bag.
Currently all makeup at Superdrug is 3 for 2, until mid November I believe, so now is the time to stock up!


GOSH Intense Eye Liner Pen. Superdrug, £6.49.
Not available online.

I love liquid eyeliner, I use it every day without fail. There isn’t loads I can say about this one. It is a nice rich black and although the pen nib looked like it was going to be really chunky it draws a lovely fine line really easily and it has stayed on for full days without any problem. There are loads of great eyeliners out there, the reason I chose this over the rest is simply because it is cruelty-free.

Last, but by no means least, back to the amazing LUSH and their nearest foundation counterpart.  This is a pigment which can be used as anything from a concealer to a tinted-moisturiser as you mix it with varying amounts of moisturiser. I use it as a concealer, under dark circles and to tone down rosy cheeks and I sometimes mix it with other foundations to make them a little more yellow. I only have super intense moisturiser so it didn’t really work when I mixed the two together to use as a foundation, but I have heard great things about it from others who do.


I brought this at the same time as the No Drought dry shampoo and again, it lasts so long. I use this daily and the pot is still surprisingly full. I usually apply all my foundations and concealers with a makeup sponge, but I have also used this with a stippling brush and it works great with both. Unlike other concealers it also applies really evenly, and for any super fair people they have a shade my friend adores (it’s called Jackie Oates and can be found here), she says its the first makeup that doesn’t make her look orange – yay!


Wow – that turned into quite the essay. I have a few point hair products I want to share with you all, but I think this post is full.

What are your favourite vegan beauty products? Does anyone have a vegan bronzer they can recommend that isn’t really shimmery?