Passenger – Busking Style

Hey there,

One of the ways I think about my traveling trip is through the soundtrack I had playing each leg of the way, and consistently through my whole trip were various Passenger albums. Passenger (Mike Rosenberg) is a British singer-songwriter, who I heard about when he supported Ed Sheeran on tour, when I left England he was still pretty unknown and I spent my trip telling anyone who would listen that he would be the next big thing.

In Canada I had told a new friend, Lynsey, how great he was and how sure I was he was going to get big really soon, only for us to hear him on the radio later that afternoon introducing his top5 single. So it turned out I was slightly out of date with his success, but nevertheless so pleased so many people have had the chance to listen to his songs.

When I found out his first North American tour date coincided with the penultimate night of my trip, both taking place in Vancouver I couldn’t resist getting some tickets. I had already couchsurfed with the lovely Kezia, who was also a fan so I spent the last 2 nights back at hers and I got to hear my travel-soundtrack live just before I headed home.

I spent the evening feeling like the luckiest girl in the world, managing to blag 4th row seats some lovely girls I met saved for us and trying to remember every little detail. The next day Passenger was busking in the city centre so I couldn’t resist popping down again, this time armed with my 35mm camera to hear him again and grab some shots to remember the moment. The support act at both the gig and busking session was the amazing Stu Larsen, who’s songs I already loved, but live he takes it to a completely new level.

My favourite Passenger song, ‘Scare Away The Dark’ isn’t released yet, but here’s the recording I found on YouTube and have had on repeat since I got home:

Other than cropping I’ve left the photos unedited, leaving in all the scratches and marks inevitable with film shots, but I think that adds a little character. 🙂


Not my finest composition, but a lovely memory nonetheless.




Performing Hearts on Fire with the equally amazing Stu Larsen.


I’m also super excited as I am going to see Stu Larsen next week in Birmingham with my brother, annoyingly he is playing a lot closer to home on the Saturday but it was too short notice to ask for a night off work so we’re going on a road trip. As I will be riding shot-gun, I’ll have control of the music, any good suggestions?