About Me

Well hi there.

I am a 23 year old British girl/women/somewhere in between. I graduated with a photography degree in 2012 and the following November I went on my first traveling trip. I spent 8months touring Ecuador, USA and Canada, and loved every second. I didn’t keep a blog but I did keep a personal travel journal, so I’m using that (and the wonderful benefit of hindsight and rose-tinted glasses) to share experiences with my trip and advice for other travels.

As of September 1st 2013 I became a vegan. I had been a vegetarian my whole life so the transition was fairly smooth and I am so pleased I made the decision. I do most of the cooking at home so I will often post recipes I have tried and tested and hopefully increasingly ones I create myself. I am very passionate about animal rights and living a lifestyle as cruelty-free as possible, so non-food vegan posts will creep in too.

A couple of months later, in November I got my first chef-job, at an all-vegetarian, mainly-vegan restaurant, as a complete novice, I learnt a lot, very quickly and found the job tiring and stressful but ultimately very rewarding. After an amazing 8 months I decided I couldn’t hold off the wanderlust any longer, accepted a job teaching English in China and handed in my notice.

Late August 2014, I flew to China and a week later started teaching 9-10 year olds at a local primary school, a few months in and I am really enjoying it, with plenty left to learn.

Originally created as a solely photography blog I will also be adding photos from my travels and trips I make out and about now I’m home.

If you want to get in touch, head over to my contact page and there are links to my social media sites and my email address.

Thanks for checking out my blog,

Ruth :)x