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Passenger – Busking Style

Hey there, One of the ways I think about my traveling trip is through the soundtrack I had playing each leg of the way, and consistently through my whole trip were various Passenger… Continue reading

A day at Cromer.

Hey there, Back in the summer, when I was thinking about how much I was looking forward to winter and being able to get snuggled into thick jumpers and light the fire in… Continue reading

Comuna De Rhiannon – Malchingui in pictures (part 2)

Hey there, Last week I posted Part 1 where I shared some of my favourite photos I captured in Rhiannon, an eco-community I stayed at for 10 weeks while I was in Ecuador… Continue reading

Comuna de Rhiannon – Malchingui in Pictures (part 1)

Hey there. I know that anyone who found my blog yesterday after the ’10 Questions every vegetarian is tired of hearing’ post might be more interested in my vegan-ness posts, so please bear… Continue reading

British Wildlife Centre

I was lucky enough to visit the British Wildlife Centre last week on a photography experience day organised by Canon, which not only gave me a chance to get up-close-and-personal with a few… Continue reading


Train rides always make me think and analysis everything. It must be watching the world go by and having time to sit and do nothing, without having to apologise or justify it. Luckily… Continue reading

Hello World!

I have been trying to decide what is a good first photo to use as my first post, as I feel the momentous occasion should be marked! My immediate thought was the first… Continue reading