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Passenger – Busking Style

Hey there, One of the ways I think about my traveling trip is through the soundtrack I had playing each leg of the way, and consistently through my whole trip were various Passenger… Continue reading

Comuna De Rhiannon – Malchingui in pictures (part 2)

Hey there, Last week I posted Part 1 where I shared some of my favourite photos I captured in Rhiannon, an eco-community I stayed at for 10 weeks while I was in Ecuador… Continue reading

10 Reasons You Should Travel Alone

This is far from an original idea for a blog, I must have read well over 20 similar articles just before I decided to travel despite the fact my friend couldn’t come with… Continue reading

Comuna de Rhiannon – Malchingui in Pictures (part 1)

Hey there. I know that anyone who found my blog yesterday after the ’10 Questions every vegetarian is tired of hearing’ post might be more interested in my vegan-ness posts, so please bear… Continue reading

8 months, 3 countries, 21 beds.

I would start with an enthusiastic ‘I’M BACK’, but I have been for nearly 2 months, so I think the moment has passed. In short, I went traveling and it was awesome! I… Continue reading